Zenergy Year-In-Review

New Faces

Over the past year, Zenergy welcomed some seriously exciting new clients to our portfolio. We were thrilled to offer our expertise in marketing and related initiatives to our expanding roster of clients.

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How to choose the right social media platform for your brand

You know it’s important for your business to have an online presence, but with so many options available, how do you choose the best social media platforms for your business? Social media has — and continues to —revolutionize the way we communicate. Every week it seems there is a new update or emerging platform. It can all be very overwhelming!

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The “So What” test and other reasons to ask “Why?”

When you set your sights on a new goal, whether that’s a new project or you’ve secured a client, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself, jumping straight into an execution mindset. What tactics are involved, what will the visuals look like, how much will this cost?

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5 Tips to Rock your Media Interview

Get ready to shine!

You’ve been working hard to develop a new product and it’s finally ready to launch. The moment has come to tell the market that it’s available. You write a press release, send it out through a newswire service and reach out to your media contacts. With some work and luck, and because your product is stellar, you receive good traction and the media is very interested. You land your first interview and it’s set for tomorrow… and it’s on live TV.

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The Importance of Brand Identity

Close your eyes and take a second to think of your favorite shampoo, running shoe or laptop. Does a specific brand come to mind? Maybe it’s Pantene, Nike or Apple. The reason for this is because these companies each have a distinctive brand identity.

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