Creating a corporate video that communicates succinctly and on point!

Developing a winning corporate video that will communicate a clear and concise message is not always easy. However, if created properly, it can be used to replace printed material or serve as a succinct snapshot of your company and what it has to offer.

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The Designer Prototype

A functional, comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing website is imperative for most businesses, and is often the first point of contact a person has to interact with a brand.

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How to prepare for charity media interviews

Today’s media industry is constantly in flux, with 24-hour news cycles demanding journalists keep to tight deadlines. What’s more, Canadian media has experienced a ‘slimming’ in recent years, with Rogers, Bell Media and Postmedia Network all experiencing redundancies. This landscape has led to fewer professionals in the newsroom with time to cover external events.

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The Importance of Impeccable Translation

Looking to expand your brand into another region, country or culture? One of the first steps to consider is language. Google Translate and other apps can translate word-for-word verbatim in microseconds, but as any professional translator will tell you, language is not static.

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Get SMART – Define Your Events Needs and Goals to Pave the Way for Results

Planning an event? Whether it’s a corporate mixer, a fundraiser or a sporting event, Zenergy Communications recommends starting by defining needs and setting goals in order to achieve the results that your organization desires.

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