Popeyes® landed in Alberta to great success

In the Fall of 2016, Zenergy worked with Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen to bring its superior-tasting chicken and seafood to the company's second Canadian province, Alberta, with its first store openings in both Edmonton and Calgary. 

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The benefits of implementing pop-ups for your brand

The pop-up phenomenon started in Europe a number of years ago and has taken off across North America. Here are five reasons why a pop-up activation could benefit your brand.

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Our favourite productivity apps!

Work life can sometimes be overwhelming and a little help can go a long way. Using apps and tools can make your day go a whole lot smoother and help you stay organized. Here are the top six apps that we use to make our life simpler here at Zenergy!

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How to Optimize Video for your Charity’s Marketing

In today’s world, social media is considered a key strategy to reach any audience. This has moved beyond a simple post or Tweet and into the realm of social videos, including anything from a moving infographic to a 30 second caption on the work a charity has done or a charity ambassador testimonial.

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Twitter 101

Since its inception in 2008, Twitter has become a key player in the social media landscape. The platform hosts almost 200 million users worldwide and roughly 460,000 new accounts are opened daily, with more than 140 million tweets sent each day. Brands have the opportunity to leverage this ever-evolving, real-time platform to help promote their business and engage with audiences. Limiting brand communications to 140 characters can be difficult, however; the Zenergy team have developed tips on how to master your company’s Twitter account:

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